Transforming Lives Amidst Conflict

We are rewriting the stories of 230 million children in conflict. Join us in providing hope, protection, and a future free from the shadows of war.

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Beyond the smaller initiatives, Warchild could greatly benefit from your support in making a lasting impact on the lives of those affected by conflict.

About the Warchild

Despite the harsh reality that nearly 230 million children worldwide endure the impacts of war and violence, War Child remains steadfast in its commitment to fostering positive change. We believe in the resilience of children who, despite facing adversity, possess an inherent strength that can overcome the challenges of conflict. War Child offers a beacon of hope through psychosocial support, protection, and education. From our humble beginnings with music workshops in the bomb shelters of Kosovo to our current global efforts in places like Ukraine and Gaza, we use the universal language of music, sports, and games to connect with children, providing them a safe haven to heal and process their experiences.

In collaboration with parents, teachers, and their communities, we strive to break the cycle of violence, rebuilding the confidence of these young souls in themselves and others. Through careful development, research, testing, and evaluation, our programs are tailored to ensure their effectiveness. We witness the strength of children every day, and while we can’t change their past, we passionately believe that by intervening early, we can positively shape their futures. No child should ever be a casualty of war, and together, we can rewrite their stories, fostering a world where the innocence of childhood is preserved, cherished, and protected.