How it Works

We support only the most impactful, positively charged initiatives, projects and campaigns. They harness the latest science, prioritize the most affected communities, and are independently verified.

Start a Campaign

Begin your journey to success with key insights on setting goals and creating a compelling narrative. Explore the essentials to kickstart your campaign and drive impact.

Naming & Goal Setting

Name your campaign clearly and set SMART goals: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound. Define target amount, audience, and timeline. Regularly check progress, adjust strategies, and transparently communicate milestones to inspire donor confidence.

Describing Your Campaign

Describe your fundraising campaign concisely and compellingly. Clearly communicate the cause, impact, and urgency. Highlight why it matters and how donations make a difference. Use relatable stories, visuals, and a call-to-action to engage potential donors emotionally.

Designing Your Campaign

Design an eye-catching fundraising campaign by choosing a compelling visual theme that aligns with your cause. Create attention-grabbing graphics, videos, and promotional materials. Ensure consistency across platforms for a cohesive brand image. Utilize impactful storytelling and a user-friendly donation process to enhance donor experience and drive engagement.

Share it With the Community

Unlock the Power of Community: Sharing Your Campaign Far and Wide. In this section, discover three key steps to magnify the impact of your fundraising efforts. From leveraging social media to engaging influencers and mobilizing your supporters, learn how to seamlessly integrate your campaign into the heart of your community.

Leverage Social Media

Share your fundraising campaign across platforms. Craft attention-grabbing posts with compelling visuals and impactful captions.

Engage Influencers

Collaborate with influencers or community leaders to broaden your reach. Their endorsement can significantly boost campaign visibility.

Mobilize Supporters

 Encourage your community to share the campaign within their networks. Provide easily shareable content and hashtags to amplify the message and maximize impact.

Manage & Monitor

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Accepting Donations

Make sure to promptly acknowledge and thank donors for their contributions.

Stretch Goal Setting

Dynamically adjust campaign goals based on progress. Set stretch goals to inspire increased engagement and excitement. Clearly communicate how surpassing initial goals will amplify the campaign’s impact.


Communicate withdrawal timelines to donors and provide updates on how their contributions are making a difference.

Positive, Profitable, Promoted.

Boost positive change

We help initiatives to advance from well willing fundraising and breakthrough the increase in negative information

Support UN goals

We adopt 6 Sustainable Development goals, listed by the UN to guide us in our aim for positive change. 

Spark stories

We spark entrepreneurs and their stories to ignite a true change for people and planet.

Build a huge Community

We wish to mobilize millions to support optimistically charged initiatives to boost positive change.


A small team of staff and volunteers deliver much of the work, supported by the partner network where possible. 

Steering group

We are guided by a steering group, which is made up of our members. 



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How it works

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